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I’m just a random Spanish guy, but I’m determined to improve how we learn foreign languages worldwide.

The whole idea happened while I was studying in Japan, as a combination of frustration in my research and watching too many TED talks. I realized that languages was something that I knew how to learn (I learned English, French and Japanese to fluency), and that language classes all over the world were doing a really bad job trying to teach it, so I thought that was something I could contribute to the world.

My experience learning English taught me that your level of proficiency at a particular language could be improved quite a bit by just doing stuff in the language. My experience learning Japanese taught me that it could be done right from the start, without any formal instruction at all.

Because of that, I started researching alternative approaches to learning a foreign language that matched my experience. For a few months I read many blogs and research papers (I still do) and eventually I found a method that really matched my idea of language learning.

I’m talking about the ALG method that’s used at the AUA Thai school of Bangkok. When I learned about it, I read the book From the outside in by the creator of the method, J. Marvin Brown. That book hit me so hard… It matched so well my experience when learning languages that convinced me to look deeply into it.

I’m now living in Bangkok and attending the AUA Thai school. Trying to learn Thai to test the method on myself, and at the same time take a look on how well it works on other people, how it can be improved and how it can be adapted to different situations.


One thought on “About the author

  1. Hey man! I just stumbled on your blog and I’m so glad I did. I just found out about ALG 2 days ago and it’s turning my world upside down (my world was on the fence to begin with though). Anyways I would LOVE to connect on Facebook and talk about your current and past experiences. I am teaching English in China and would love to improve the level of English over here and at the same time become a fluent speaker of Chinese! I guess you can see my email in the comments box but if you need me to post it let me know! 🙂


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