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I’m determined to improve how we learn foreign languages worldwide.

The whole idea came to me while I was studying in Japan, as a combination of being frustrated with my research and watching too many TED talks. I realized that languages was something that I knew how to learn (I learned English, French and Japanese to fluency), and that language classes all over the world were doing a really bad job of teaching it, so I thought that a better way of learning languages was something that I could contribute to the world.

My experience learning English taught me that your level of proficiency at a particular language can be improved quite a bit by just doing things in the language. My experience learning Japanese taught me that it can be done right from the start, without any formal instruction at all.

Because of that, I started researching alternative approaches that matched my experience. For a few months I read many blogs and research papers (I still do) and eventually I found a method that really matched my idea of how we learn languages.

I’m talking about the ALG method that’s used at the AUA Thai school of Bangkok. When I learned about it, I read the book From the outside in by the creator of the method, J. Marvin Brown. That book hit me hard. It matched so well my experience when learning languages that it convinced me to research the method in depth.

I then lived in Bangkok for more than a year and attended the AUA Thai school for 1000 hours of class time during 1 year. I achieved my goal of testing how the method would work on me and on other people. I also drew my own conclusions about how the method can be improved and how it can be adapted to other contexts outside of the classroom.

I’m now teaching Spanish through videos. I draw inspiration from ALG and Stephen Krashen’s Comprehensible Input theory and apply it to online video so that people all over the world can benefit from it. While I was spending some time back in Barcelona I spent a year and a half working part time and spending the rest of the day making videos. I’m now working full time on the videos and trying to grow the project.

I publish my videos on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/DreamingSpanish

23 thoughts on “About the author

  1. Hey man! I just stumbled on your blog and I’m so glad I did. I just found out about ALG 2 days ago and it’s turning my world upside down (my world was on the fence to begin with though). Anyways I would LOVE to connect on Facebook and talk about your current and past experiences. I am teaching English in China and would love to improve the level of English over here and at the same time become a fluent speaker of Chinese! I guess you can see my email in the comments box but if you need me to post it let me know! 🙂

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  2. Hi Paco – just discovered your videos, too, from Alice Ayel. Starting my own youtube channel using the same CI method, called “English without Fear” Trying to learn from the pros!


  3. I LOVE your blog and your YouTube channel! I am a veteran Spanish teacher — I am starting my 20th year this fall. I have taught with a heavy focus on grammar with CI “activities” peppered throughout. But after attending a workshop this summer, I have had a fundamental shift in my thinking and I will be starting my very first semester teaching Spanish using CI and TPRS methodology. Your videos have helped me wrap my head a little better around how to do an entire course this way. I have SO much to learn! I just wanted to thank you for putting all of this wonderful content out there.


    1. Hi Beth. Thank you for your message.
      Congratulations on making your switch to CI!
      I wish you success. I’ve heard that some teachers have a hard time during the first year getting used to the completely different approach, but those who stick to it and get better at it start seeing some dramatically improved results.
      Good luck!


      1. I had to come follow up on my post from a few months ago. I have 100% made the transition to CI. I NEVER had so much fun teaching in any of my previous 19 years in the classroom! I still have so much to learn, but the results I’m seeing make me believe that I’m doing something right! I am absolutely thrilled with the success I have seen in my students’ language acquisition! Thanks to you and others like you, I will NEVER go back to teaching the way I did before!

        I wanted to let you know that I used your Tomatina video in class today and my students loved it! More importantly, they actually comprehended it! I never thought would be possible to get so much cultural information across to my students IN the target language. Your videos have shown me how to do that!
        Again, I thank you, Pablo. I believe that my students would thank you, too.

        By sharing your expertise, your experiences, and your resources, you have helped make my transition to CI an absolute joy! I’m now on a mission to convert as MANY of my fellow teachers to CI as possible! Your work is a fantastic tool to help me do that!

        Muchísimas gracias, señor.


  4. Dear Pablo

    Your videos are very very interesting, have watched a few and have already been describing in my mind how I could make a Spanish Omelate. This is a very insightful and intriguing thing becuase it is making me think in the language. I am amazed.

    However, I would appreciate your advice on how to make the most of your videos. There are still many words I do not understand. This makes me not sure of quite a bit of what you say in even the super beginner talks.

    I have got through a little of the Linguvist, Duolingo, and Paul Noble Courses so far. I thought I would understand more than I do by now 😂.

    Therefore, what do you recommend I do to make the most of your excellent resource to learn Spanish?


    1. Acquiring a language always takes time. I recommend getting exposure to easy Spanish as much as you can. If you have watched all my superbeginner videos, you could try watching some easy cartoons in Spanish like Pocoyo and Peppa Pig. Hopefully in the future and with enough support I will have enough videos so that anyone can watch them for hours and hours and never run out.


  5. Hello! Congratulations on your awesome YouTube channel and blog! How amazing! I look forward to seeing your sessions at the Comprehensible Online conference 😉
    I was wondering if you know of any similar YouTube videos for learning Italian or English as a Second Language. I am learning Italian for myself and I teach Spanish and ESL. Thanks,


      1. Great, thank you so much! Good luck to you. I showed your “Pets I have had” video to my 4th grade Spanish class yesterday and they loved it!


      2. Do you know of AUA style materials/videos for French and Japanese? Since you’ve managed to learn these two languages, I’m hopeful!


      3. I only know a couple for french: Alice Ayel and Français Authentique, both on YouTube. Neither is as easy as Dreaming Spanish for beginners, though.


  6. Your videos are really amazing and I love your teaching method as well. I am self studying Spanish and have almost finished a basic grammar exercise book so I am now looking for online audio/video content to advance my knowledge and give me the context of the language in a everyday setting. Your videos have really helped me! I really appreciate what you do.

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  7. Me encantan sus videos. Por favor puede Usted hacer un video sobre el tema de, “Mi libro favorito” para mis estudiantes en el octavo grado? Ellos estan en el nivel de los principiantes. Mil gracias.


  8. Me encantan tus vídeos, pero ya que sabes francés, creo que debes empezar a crear vídeos similares en francés. Me gustaría aprender no sólo español sino también francés, así que si te gusta esta idea, o conoces algún recurso para aprender francés cuyo concepto es parecido, me ayudaría muchísimo.


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